Honeymoon Stage

The honeymoon stage is the first stage of culture shock. You just simply love everything about your new country; the people, the culture, the food, etc. Everything seems better at first.

Reality hasn’t yet quite settled in, thus you’re just super happy about your decision to leave. It couldnt have been a better one, you think.

Everything is amazing at first, whereas you still compare to your home country and mostly find faults there. Nothing is difficult as everything is just so exciting and brand new. Life as an expat has only just begun

Kite Beach

Kite beach is one of the several public beaches and by far my most favourite! It is such a beautiful, clean beach with plenty of space and a running track right next to it. Additionally it is in my favourite district as well (Jumeira) with a beautiful view onto Burj Al Arab, Dubais most famous and prestigious hotel!

It certainly is good for leisure or a stroll with a beautiful view!

My Arrival in Dubai

So finally I arrived and was able to settle in. After quite a bumpy flight and lost luggage, I made it.

I am more than excited to start my new life here and I really want to see what life brings me here. Actually, I am ecstatic! I hope my new job brings me joy and blessings 💪🏼

Kefi / Κεφι

The word Kefi (Greek: Κέφι) cannot be directly translated, as it is compound of more than one word. It is also a partially the base for further words in the greek language, which then often refer to gloominess and high/low spirits to name a few.

It is described as the spirit of joy, high spirits, merriness, a mood and also good humor; but this isn’t even all it could mean! It is also describes as a characteristic of the Greeks and also a philosophy.

Some sources mentioned it came from Turkish (keyf) and Arabic (kayf) – both words meaning “state, disposition”.

Moving to Dubai

Soon it is time – I will be moving to Dubai!

I have just signed my contract and they want me to join immediately. The current plan is that I’ll be joining in early February, which I am very excited for! Literally cannot wait to start my new life in the UAE (again).

I just started missing the life here so much and I was super lucky that the whole progress was done within about 5 days, so they really liked me…!

Most Difficult Languages To Learn

in my recent post language learning, the effect of learning a new language on the brain was described.

A lot of people are wondering, when they’re looking for a new language to learn, which one is easier than others. Of course it depends on a lot of varying factors, such as:

  • 1st language of the language learner
  • Difference in the alphabet?
  • Grammatical structure of the language
  • Usage of the language
  • Motivation

Including these factors, there is also a chart on the difficulty of languages (in general terms).

Post image

As you can see, the languages with a very different alphabet, such as Thai, Chinese, Korean, etc., tend to be seen as more difficult as well as taking the difficulty of the grammar into account.

Solo Travel

Usually, most travellers are distinguishable in two main groups – solo and group travelers.

From what I heard, some people are just too scared to travel alone. Too scared to get lost, too scared to be bored.

I personally prefer solo travel over group travel, which doesn’t mean I exclusively travel solo.

My main benefits for solo travel are (though not limited to it)

1. Only doing things you want. At the beach all day long? great. Strict museums tour? awesome. Shopping only? Sure. You do not have to arrange with someone else, you’re on vacation after all. Sounds egotistical? Perhaps, yes, but it is sometimes very much needed to do you.

2. Expanding of horizons. You have to manage to talk to strangers at some point, to avoid being lost and find the way. It is very interesting to see yourself in such situations you’re not able to rely on someone else

3. Being in your own head most of the time. It is slightly connected to number 2, but still different. Not nessecarly having someone by your side 24/7 gives you a lot of room to think. It makes you wonder, it makes you realise, it makes you focused on you inner self – like some sort of realisational meditation

For me personally, those are the main aspects. I also try to write a travel diary occasionally, but it merely works. Usually I just post pictures from my favourite too see moments (IG: 4713kiki4713).

As mentioned before, group travel is also great, but I usually only want to travel with close friends whom I know are compatible in travelling styles and personality in order to avoid unnessecary drama.

Symptoms of Culture Shock

There are several symptoms of culture shock, which can occur in either one or more of the four different stages of it. These symptoms include:

  • Feeling of isolation – like you’re the only one going through it or that you’re alone
  • Boredom in your new country as well as fatigue
  • Frustration and irritation over small things

These are only some of the symptoms, though. Others are: wanting to go home, aches and pains, withdrawal from the host country and constantly comparing your home country to the host country. The symptoms come in varying degrees, and in different stages of the culture shock; some lean more towards one symptom, others towards a different symptom.

Dubai Trip

I am so excited!

Just now I booked a 2 week vacation in Dubai very spontaneously already departing tomorrow- which is kind of my previous home, except that one was Abu Dhabi.

It is to celebrate my and a couple of friends birthdays, so it is going to be a massive feast! Most of them live there still, so it is the perfect occasion to visit them again as I miss these people so incredibly much! Literally cannot wait to board that plane tomorrow evening, flying through the night and then waking up in Dubai.

More posts are to come!

Happy new year BTW 🙂